Transmogrifier is a Python framework and Command Line program created to provide programatic access to Apple’s Final Cut Server digital asset management system.

It provides a number of facilities for interacting with Final Cut Server:

Command line access to Data retrieval and manipulation
Transmogrifier provides a command-line interface which allows access to Final Cut Server assets and productions, allowing for both the retrieval, as well as the modification of Final Cut Server metadata. This command line interface also provides access to production membership modification, archival and restoration triggers, thumbnail, posterframe, and proxy queries. It also allows programatic access to assets based upon their file system path, asset id, or title.
Media Delivery
Transmogrifier can facilitate the delivery of assets to various media publishing platforms, including YouTube, BrightCove, and The Platform
Archival Integration
Transmogrifier provides archive integration capabilites via the fcsArchiver module. This module currently has support for integration with Archiware’s PresStore backup software, allowing for a seamless D2D2T end-user driven workflow. fcsArchiver also provides access to the fcsDiskArchiver module, which allows for the intelligent spanning of data across multiple archive disks.
Qmaster facilities
Transmogrifier’s Qmaster module provides a Python API for interfacing with Apple’s Qmaster distributed transcode engine.

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