The script has the following usage:
  Version: 1.0b Build: 2011041401
  Framework Version: 1.0b Build: 2011041301

Copyright (C) 2009-2011 Beau Hunter, 318 Inc.

Usage: --createProductionFromTemplate --productionID=10

  -h, --help                  Displays this help message
  -v, --version               Display version number
  -c pathtofile,              Utilize pathtofile for configuration parameters.
  --deviceName='Media'        The device to copy the template folder to. If
                              omitted, this value will be read from our
                              configuration file (default:


By default, the script utilizes the main transmogrifier.conf file found at /usr/local/etc. In this file, productionBuilder will queue off of a number of parameters configured under the [ProductionBuilder] Section.

The following shows an example productionBuilder configuration:

productionAssetFieldMap=Title:Project,Producer,Editor,Client,Production Status:Status

As shown above, there are four specific settings, all read in from the [ProductionBuilder] section, which we will read in from this file.

Specify the full path to the template folder. This template folder will be copied to the root of the specified device. For any items residing in the template folder the string ‘_ProductionTitle_’ will be replaced with the referring project’s title.
For any files residing directly inside templateFolderPath, we will create an FCS asset using this metadata set.
Specify the device name to which the template will be copied.

This parameter is a string value with two delimiters: a comma separates each project/asset field mapping pair, and a colon delimits the project to asset field mapping. For mappings where both target and source have the same field name, the colon can be ommited.

Thus, the string Title:Project,Producer,Editor,Client,Production Status:Status will map as such:

Production Field Asset Field
Title Project
Producer Producer
Editor Editor
Client Client
Production Status Status

Example Usage

The script has fairly limited scope in regards to command line options. In it’s typical usage, we will simply have it build a production template for the specified production.

>>> --createProductionFromTemplate --productionID=10

In the above usage, our script will first lookup information for the provided production (production with ID 10). Provided that the production exists, it will locate the Project template specified by the templateFolderPath attribute in our configuration file. This template folder will then be copied to the root of the appropriate device, either passed in via the --deviceName parameter or as configured via the targetDeviceName attrubute in our configuration file. For each file residing in our template folder, we will add an asset to Final Cut Server, using the metadata set specified by the assetMDSet parameter in our config. For each asset that is added, we will then populate metadata as defined in the productionAssetFieldMap parameter found in our config.

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